Global Module Index

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    lf.apps.msoffice.shared Microsoft Office artifacts shared across multiple products
    lf.apps.msoffice.shared.consts Shared Microsoft Office constants
    lf.apps.msoffice.shared.ctypes Shared Microsoft Office ctypes
    lf.apps.msoffice.shared.dtypes Shared Microsoft Office data types
C Adds support for Microsoft Windows OEM code pages 720 and 858. Constants when working with code pages. Windows console constants Windows console ctypes Windows console data types Windows console objects Windows font constants Generic file system constants Hot key constants Locale ID (LCID) constants Constants for network provider types Virtual key code constants
lf.dtypes.ctypes Convenience objects to extract native :mod:`ctypes` types Common Microsoft Windows ctypes
lf.dec Digital Evidence Containers
lf.dtypes Describe and interpret the meaning of bytes Commmon Microsoft Windows data types
O Common Microsoft Windows objects and converters OLE structured storage support (compound file binaries) OLE structured storage constants OLE structured storage ctypes OLE structured storage data types OLE property sets Constants for OLE property sets. OLE property set ctypes OLE property set data types. Enumerations for OLE variant data types
S Constants for "Constant Special Item ID Lists" (CSIDLs) Constants for Microsoft Windows known folders Window state constants Shell link (.lnk) files Link file constants Link file ctypes Data types for working with link files Objects for Windows shell artifacts Recycle bin files (INFO2) Recycle bin ctypes Data types for Recycle bin files Thumbnail cache (thumbs.db) files Thumbs.db ctypes Data types for thumbs.db files
lf.time Converters for various time formats