2.2. lf.win.ctypes — Common Microsoft Windows ctypes

This module contains ctypes objects for the Record classes defined in lf.win.dtypes.

class lf.win.ctypes.guid_le
class lf.win.ctypes.guid_be
class lf.win.ctypes.clsid_le
class lf.win.ctypes.clsid_be
class lf.win.ctypes.lcid_le
class lf.win.ctypes.lcid_be
class lf.win.ctypes.filetime_le
class lf.win.ctypes.filetime_be
class lf.win.ctypes.hresult_le
class lf.win.ctypes.hresult_be
class lf.win.ctypes.decimal_le
class lf.win.ctypes.decimal_be

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