2.12. lf.win.con.objects — Windows console objects

This module defines classes to work with Microsoft Windows console functions.

class lf.win.con.objects.COORD

Represents coordinates.

The x coordinate.
The y coordinate.
classmethod from_stream(stream, offset=None, byte_order=LITTLE_ENDIAN)

Creates a COORD object from a stream.

  • stream (IStream) – A stream that contains the structure.
  • offset (int) – The start of the structure in the stream.
  • byte_order (constant) – The byte order to use (from lf.dtypes)
Return type:



The corresponding COORD object.

classmethod from_ctype(ctype)

Creates a COORD object from a ctype.

Parameter:ctype (coord_le or coord_be) – An instance of a coord ctype.
Return type:COORD
Returns:The corresponding COORD object.

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